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Our Vision

To be a global center of excellence in Ai & Data Science helping businesses solve their most complex problems, and helping communities and society thrive digitally

Our Mission

To be a center of excellence for AI and data science in a continuous state of innovation with the ability to adapt to the latest market demands and technological advancements, offering bespoke services as a platform. To innovate and develop products and services that will solve issues in multiple domains globally. To prioritize developing talent in Sri Lanka that can cater globally


Our Story

Engenuity Ai founded  amidst a global pandemic in 2020 aims to bring the best of Data science & Analytics into the Sri Lankan market not merely as a commercial enterprise but truly as a centre of global excellence to bring benefits of Data Science to a all across academia, practitioners, Industries and the community at large.  


We are at the cusp of an evolutionary breakthrough in how we solve problems & find answers to some of the questions that were left unanswered or un-attempted due to the limitations of technology. Harnessing the power of the cloud & combining cutting edge data science techniques around machine learning, computer vision, data analytics & statistical modelling help us to innovate & offer data driven insights with predictive modelling capabilities like never before. These new techniques of visualisation & engagement offer multiple new use cases in multiple new domains that open up industries to analyse & action their business like never before. 


We believe for Sri Lanka the practice of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence can buy entry into the global economy and be a great equaliser levelling the global playing field . We believe the time is now to lead the charge and to be a global centre of excellence. Thus bringing into one place over 100+ years of cumulatively experience through our leadership team in setting up, managing,  & developing business locally as well as globally.

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