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The Engen Fix is a computer vision based Ai platform that automatically assesses the level of damage in a vehicle following an accident and generates a comprehensive damage report, including a part-wise repair or replace recommendation

Business Objectives

Time Reduction

Reduce the amount of time post-accident to recommence journey

PRocess Enhancement

Reduce time taken to process and approve claims on the back-end

Improved Assessments

Use Ai to instantly analyse damage and produce damage assessment report


After conducting an analysis on the the most common damage types and damage levels in vehicles it was identified that a significant portion of claims required only vehicle exterior parts replacement or repair. Exterior damage to a vehicle can easily be captured via images, which can be processed using computer vision models.


A state of the art Computer Vision based customized algorithm was trained to identify vehicle types, vehicle orientation, vehicle damage status and the level of damage. A report generated from the images can then be used by an assessor to determine whether a vehicle visit is required or the images can be directly processed using through a parts database to estimate the repair cost.

Product Capabilities


User uploaded images are instantly processed using an Ai engine and and a report detailing the locations, type and extent of damage is generated. If additional images are required the user is prompted on site.


The advanced Ai algorithm cross checks the damage on the vehicle against a database of images to estimate possible internal damage


The damage reports are analysed to determine parts to be repaired and replaced, which is used together with past accident information and market prices to estimate the damage valuation


Image analysis can determine if loss photos submitted by claimants have been tampered with or if the image timestamp is before the date of loss. 


Download the 
ENGEN FiX use case 

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