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LUCiD ENGEN is a fast and reliable tool, built using industry leading Artificial Intelligence technologies to aid professionals in their document review activities. Lucid Engen will pre-process PDF documents and identify areas of interest, helping reduce the time required to process a document

Business Objectives

IMproved efficiency

Reduce time taken to look through important clauses in multi-paged contracts


Use Natural Language Processing to understand meaning behind complicated clauses and reduce risk of misinterpretation



Automatic categorisation of documents and key data to enable allocation to best suited resource


Following an in-depth examination and analysis of the legal documentation review process in use within legal firms, physical copies of old and new legal documents were converted into digital formats using customized OCR (optical character recognition) techniques. An Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) was then conducted on these documents to identify material keywords and clauses, and areas of interest.


A document review system that analyses OCR outputs using advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms, that is able to pick-up on nuances within sentences and anomalies within a contract. These areas of interest are then flagged for review, cutting down on the time required to process legal documents.

| Product Capabilities


The intelligent search function utilises cutting edge NLP technology to find words, phrases or similar words and similar phrases to specific keywords. LUCiD ENGEN uses an advanced algorithm to intelligently identify the most likely locations for the relevant pieces of information and tag them for easy referral.


The NLP processor behind LUCiD ENGEN is also able to interpret nuances and subtext within sentences to capture the essence of the sentence and its context instead of only headline information. Keywords that materially alter the meaning of sentences can thereby be flagged for further review.

Anomaly Identification

The Artificial Intelligence engine behind LUCiD ENGEN is a tool that will constantly evolve and learn trends from documents it has processed. As usage increases LUCiD ENGEN will identify and flag instances when information is outside typical limits


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